Enlightened by Jesus the compassionate Guru, enlighten the young with wisdom and inculcate in them the values of the Kingdom of God enabling them to enjoy the fullness of life striving for a transformed society.

Enlightened by Jesus the compassionate Guru:

Guru is the one who dispels darkness. Jesus, is the Guru; the supreme Guru. Jesus the Word of God incarnated is the compassionate Guru, the ‘Life’ and the’ Light’ to the world. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God. In him was life and the life was the light of all people. The true light which enlightens everyone was coming into the world.” (cfr.Jn.1:1-7) “Look to him and be radiant.” (Ps.34.5)God consciousness is the result of deep communion with God.

“Jesus went all over Galilee teaching in the synagogues preaching the Good News about the kingdom” (Mt.4:23). “Jesus saw the crowd and went up a hill .His disciples gathered round him and he began to teach them” (Mt.5:3-12).He made his classrooms not only the synagogue but the mountains, the plains, the fields; the beaches, the place of banquets anywhere and everywhere. He used the ordinary things in nature like the seeds, weeds, and birds as teaching aids. He was a sensitive teacher who could read the mind of his students from their face. He was a vibrant teacher. His gestures: look, touch and nod were powerful in communicating the message of compassion.

Enlighten the young with wisdom:

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” (Jn.8:12)An SD sister is to be enlightened by Jesus the true light and life. Then, she in turn is to impart this light and life to her students, so that they may be enlightened by the wisdom and goodness of the Supreme Guru.

An SD sister involved in the ministry of Education is expected to touch the core of her student and communicate with her heart. She is not to confine herself to the boundaries of the class room imparting some theoretical knowledge from the prescribed printed matter. Being a vibrant and sensitive teacher she has to go beyond, into the core of each child imparting the experience of the loving father.

Inculcate in them the values of the kingdom of God:

Listen to the words of the Guru: “You are the light of the world...let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven. The disciples’ experience of the Risen Lord was so powerful that they felt urged to share it with others. No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket but on the lamp stand and it gives light to all(Mt.5:14-16) We are living in a world of unhealthy competitions for academic excellence and materialistic achievements ignoring the values. At this juncture an SD educator ought to be active and alert to inculcate in the young minds the values of the kingdom of God like love, compassion, kindness, peace, truthfulness, concern for others, tolerance, selfless service, spirit of sacrifice, respect for elders and God consciousness.

Enabling them to enjoy the fullness of life:

I have come that you may have life and life in its fullness. God envisions the well being of the whole of creation and ensures an ongoing healing, wholeness and transformation of our unjust and fragmented world through human interventions. The mission of Jesus Christ is to restore the integrity of God’s original creation (to bring forth the lost image and likeness of his children) .Our vision is the same as the vision of Jesus- that all may have life and have it in abundance. The life is to be protected and nurtured, not to be tampered, despised or destroyed. Urged by the compassionate love of Jesus the Guru, the SD educator should help her students to form a right perception of life as precious and unique gift of God.

Transformed Society:

Education, by its very nature is a transformative process, namely changing human persons, and through them, society and its structures. This activity of transformation is a spiritual, humanizing and liberating activity and constitutes the core mission of education. Goodness is vibrant and radiant. Jesus exhorts us to be light to the whole world and to be salt for all mankind. (cfr.Mt.5:13-16) The quality of salt is to add taste to the food by infiltrating into it and to preserve food without decaying. The same way the children who are formed and transformed according to the values of the Guru should in turn infiltrate into the larger society, radiating their goodness around them, thereby transforming the society into the values of the kingdom. This should be a never ending and ever moving ongoing process.


  • To provide an education of quality and relevance to all, and in particular, to the marginalized sections of society. Quality education in the true sense produces persons with thought and feeling, with eagerness to share, persons who are capable of looking to nobler things in life.  It has reference to things like the all-round development of the person, humanism, authentic values, intellectual curiosity and acuteness, aesthetic sensitivity, reading habits, character formation, social awareness, healthy relationships, refined manners dignified self –presentation and enable the students to become mature and spiritually conscious men and women of character.
  • To enable the young to value and judiciously use their freedom with a sense of self responsibility for actions. Education that enables them to see life as a vocation and as a gift to make free choices in the key areas that affect their personal lives, the communities and society.
  • To lead the young to enter into the sacred space of the human person and of every person, making them aware of the human rights of every individual and group. This helps to foster pluralism, cultural and religious diversity individual and collective freedom and respect for and appreciation of differences. Thus equip them with a wider vision to live in a pluralistic society.
  • To energize the young to take up the task of contributing to nation building, so as to evolve a New Inclusive Indian society, an India of their dreams, which they can own with pride and joy.
  • To form the young to evolve as men and women of character, competence, conscience, compassion and commitment, who will then contribute to the evolution of a counter culture to the preset competitive model, by promoting collaboration and cooperation for the growth of all in a climate of mutual trust and sharing, by fostering uprightness in public life.
  • To enable them to think independently and critically. Education must enable the students to raise questions concerning the meaning of life and the significance of reality and to develop a responsible commitment to transform it in the light of the evangelical values and modern culture.
  • To help the students to discover and cultivate their talents and to accept responsibility for their own development and also to assist others in their growth. We ensure the holistic and integral development of every student, i all the dimensions of growth : health and body fitness, emotional and psychological maturity, social sensitivity and leadership, intellectual cognitive skills and moral and spiritual growth
  • To be selfless in service of fellowmen and concerned with the welfare of the poor, oppressed and the marginalized.
  • To promote the larger interests of our institutions and for the greater effectiveness of our services, we foster good public relations with those in the neighbourhood and with civil and public authorities.
  • To provide opportunities to students to become visionary and enlightened leaders of future India who will be able to play a critical role in society and contribute to solve its economic, social and spiritual problems.
  • To motivate them in the care and protection of our environment and thus contribute to preserve the integrity of God’s original creation.
  • To get deep rooted in God consciousness and the resultant virtues of faith, hope and love.
  • To keep alive the commitment of former students and to evolve relevant Agenda to transform that part of society of which they are a part, while pursuing various professions. Through our on-going contact with our alumni associations and inspire them to become Men and Women for others and with others