VISION:    Having received the mandate from Jesus Christ, the      divine healer to ensure life in its fullness and inspired by his compassionate love, we envisage a healthy society where people, especially the poor and the marginalized, attain and maintain holistic well being and live in harmony with the creator, the self, one another and the environment.


  • To ensure and promote preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care of all, particularly to the poor and the marginalized through their empowerment.
  • To engage in social mobilization of the community by creating awareness on rights, duties and responsibilities related to health issues.
  • To provide humanizing care considering the dignity of the person and the needs of the society.
  • To make quality health services available, affordable and accessible to all, especially the underserved areas.
  • To facilitate spiritual assistance to everyone we serve according to their faith so that the experience of sickness and healing can be transformed into one of personal growth and development.
  • SD’s care, compassion and love towards those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS are expressions of our faith. Those suffering from HIV/AIDS must be provided with full care, show full respect, given every possible medical, moral and spiritual assistance and indeed treated in worthy of Christ himself.