Landmarks in the History of The SD Congregation

 Feb. 02, 1926      -Candidates started  their life  at St Joseph's mount,(Kurukkankunnu) Chunangamvely

 Sep.09, 1926       - Received the first destitute in St Joseph,s Mount, Chunangamvely

 Mar.19,  1927     -The foundation of the Congregation with the name 'Little Sisters of  the Poor' and the inauguration of the Home for the  aged & Infirm

                               at St.Joseph's Mount,Chunangamveli

 Mar,19.  1929     -Vestition of the first six sisters

Oct.05,  1929      -Death of our beloved Founder Venerable .Rev. Fr. Varghese Payappilly

Oct.28,  1929      -Rt.Rev.Msgr.George Valliarumputh taken charge as the Director of our Congregation

              1931      -Approval of the constitution by the Ordinary.

July 03  1932       -Religious Profession of the first members

Dec. 06 1934       -Visit of the Apostolic Delegate Most Rev Leo Peter Kierkeisis.Chang of name of the Congregation  from "Little sisters of the Poor" 

                               to  "Sisters of the Destitute".

May.7,  1936       -Marthas Home started.

Nov.16, 1937       -Blessing of the first branch house, and opening of the Home for the Aged at Perumanur(Lourdepuram)

Jan.01, 1940        -Election of the first Suprior General Sr Rose Mary

Nov. 19, 1946      -The first perpetual profession.

Jan. 09.  1950      -Demise of Sr Cicily, one of our pioneer Sisters

Nov,13.  1953     -Visit by His Eminence Cardinal eugine Tisserant, the prefect of the Oriental Congregation and the blessing of the newly constructed chapel at Chunangamvely.

Jan.10,1956        -The Demise of the ArchBishop Mar Augustine Kandathil

Oct,12,1958       -Taking up mission work for the firsttime(Delhi)

Aug,31 1964      -The first batch sisters to Foreign Mission (Germany)

Oct,17,1966       -The Golden Jubilee celebration of Rt.Rev.Msgr.George Valliarumpeth,our Director.

Feb,2,1969         - Blessing and inauguration of of the Samaritan Hospital Pazhanganad.

Oct,10,1969       -The Special General Synaxis for Renewal.

May,11,1970      -Demise of Rt.Rev.Msgr.George Valliarumpeth our beloved Director.

Dec,21,1971       -Revised constitution is given for experimentation.

Mar,19,1977       -Celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Congregation at Generalate.

July, 2,1977        -Demise of Sr Josephine, the first member  and one of the four pioneer Sisters.

Oct,8,1977          -Demise of Sr Kochuthresia,one of our Pioneer sisters.

Feb,12,1980       -The first batch of  sisters to Rome Mission(Italy)

June,8,1980        -Division of the Congregation into Regions.

Nov,20,1984      -Demise of Sr RoseMary,the first Superior General.

Apr,30,1985      - Permission for the division of the Congregation into Provinces.

June,25,1985     -Inauguration of St Marys Province

June,26,1985      -Inauguration of St Vincent Provinc

June,27, 1985     -Inauguration of St.Joseph Province

Jan,25,  1986     -Generalate shifted to Thottumugham

July,21, 1987     -Demise of Sr.Gertrude, one of our Pioneer Sisters

May,22, 1989     -Official declaration of the raising of the Congregation to Pontifical status and

                             approval of the Constitution

July,16, 1992     -The first batch of sisters to Switzerland

Mar,12,1993      -The first batch of sisters to Madagascar(Africa)

July,25, 2000      -Inauguration-Santhidham Province

July 29, 2000      -Inauguration-Pushpadham Province

Oct,10, 2000       -The first batch of sisters to USA

Mar,19,2001       -Inauguration of Platinum Jubilee Year

Jan,23-26, 2002 -Platinum Jubilee celebrations at Generalate

Oct,5,2004        -75th Death Anniversary of  Fr. Varghese Payappilly

Aug,25,2009     -Beginning of the Canonization process of the founder in the ArchDiocese

Sept,06,2009     -Openingsession-Inauguration of the Archdioceasan Tribunal Chunangamveli

June 25,2010     -Silver Jubilee celebrations of St Marys Province

June 26, 2010    - Silver Jubilee celebrations of St Vincent Province

June 27, 2010    - Silver Jubilee celebrations of St Joseph Province